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On these pages I will put some info which might be useful for others.

I know this pages need some rework but it doesn't have top priority (yet).

I started my own company in 2001 called aYniK Software Solutions.

Together with my partner Edwin Vroon I maintain the web site On this site we offer information about online foto services in the Netherlands.

I develop technical software for a living, and have worked on projects for e.g.

  • Scangineers, a self checkout manufacturer for e.g. supermarkets.
  • ASML, a wafer steppers and Step and Scan Systems Manufactureationr
  • Nucletron, a radiotherapy company
  • HITT, a company developing and selling turnkey projects for vessel traffic management and air traffic control.

Some keywords of current interest:

  • Linux
  • C/C++
  • Design Patterns
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development Methods and Environment
  • Graphical user interfaces

I'm a member of:

More information available on request ;-)

Please mail your comments and/or updates to:

Aschwin Marsman(